Before our community of runners head out to enjoy the 2018 Ghost Race, we need your help to “pre-run” the course and record it using Strava.

Your feedback will let us know that the course is appropriate, plus by recording it using Strava you’ll provide us with a digital record of the exact course - which is critical to the success of the Ghost Race!

STEP #1 - how to test run the route:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Strava app and are signed in.

  2. Obtain the link to the Strava Route for your city.

  3. Click the link which will automatically open it on your app.

  4. Select “Use Route” highlighted at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Proceed to the beginning of the route but ensure your location is a few hundred feet away before you record your activity (this is to ensure you run the route location properly).

  6. Select “Start” on the app and begin to run the route:
    • Try to Run the EXACT route that is displayed. Use the “location” finder to ensure you are running on the line.
    • While you run, consider is the course safe? Is the location appropriate? Are people going to be able to recognize the location of where it starts and stops easily?

  7. Run the entire route and when you cross the finish, keep running a few hundred feet extra.  Once you’ve passed the checkered icon, hit “stop” on the app.

  8. Select “Finish”, title your activity with something you will remember as your test your Ghost Race test run, and select “Save Activity”.


All Ghost Race routes are made with having specific turn-arounds or location turns along the way.  All route turns are the most critical points to get right and we’re counting on your judgement for this.  We’ve tried to put the turns at locations that can be clearly marked.  It is up to YOU to pinpoint EXACTLY where the spot is.  All Ghost Race runners must turn at EXACTLY these spots to make their run valid, so make sure the spot is memorable and can be clearly marked.

STEp #2: Complete the survey

After you’ve finished your run and have saved your activity to Strava, visit the page below to:

  1. Complete the survey where all of your valuable feedback can be given. 
  2. Upload your GPS/TCX file (See below for instructions)

step #3: How to Download your gps/TCX File from Strava

  1. Log-in to Strava via desktop.
  2. Under “Training”, select My Activities
  3. Select the title of your Ghost Race test run.  This will open your activity as a unique web page.
  4. To the end of the activity URL, type “/export_tcx” (without the quotes).  It will look like this
  5. A file will automatically begin to download.  Upload this file when prompted in the feedback form.


Important Terminology:

➢    Strava: Activity tracking platform and athlete social media app. Strava is the exclusive activity tracking platform for The Ghost Race.

➢    Strava Club: Similar to a Facebook Page, a Strava Club is a way for Strava user's to connect around common interests. 

➢    lululemon global run community on Strava: There is already an awesome lululemon club page on Strava!

➢    Strava Activity: This is any activity that is recorded with the Strava phone app, or uploaded to Strava from a user’s favorite GPS tracking device. In order to “race” the Ghost Race, runners must successfully complete the Ghost Race course and record it as a Strava Activity.

➢    Strava Route: This is a shareable map that can help runners familiarize themselves with the Ghost Race Course. IMPORTANT: The Strava Route is NOT the official Ghost Race course! Rather, the Route is a very close approximation of the Ghost Race course.

➢    Strava Segment: In each city, there will be an official Ghost Race Strava Segment. This Segment is the “Official Race Course” of the Ghost Race in your city. Strava Segments are pre-defined locations/distances that are automatically recorded by Strava when someone completes that distance.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, or otherwise need to contact us, please send us an email at or contact us by US postal mail at the following address:

SilverLine Global, Inc.

1100 E. Hector Street Suite 391

Conshohocken, PA 19428