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Spotlight On: Corrigan Sports Enterprises and Sponsored Race FAQ Video

Corrigan Sports Enterprises

Corrigan Sports Enterprises has been a SilverLine Event Partner since 2013, and the Baltimore-based event production company has gone "all-in" on making video work for their organization. Quickly realizing the potential for video to impact multiple key business drivers - notably, sponsor activation and cross-event marketing - CSE expanded content creation capacity in 2014 by building out an in-house video production studio and staffing editors, talent, and producers. In 2016, CSE has hit their stride with the power of video, and the company's "video-literate" team is a shining example for endurance and mass participation sports events. 

Sponsored FAQs

Pro-tip: add a Race FAQ video to your content arsenal. The value of the FAQ video for an event goes beyond the many opportunities for sponsor activation. FAQs are special because of the lifespan - release it one month out from event-day and not only will it build momentum in engaging your existing audience, but it is also a great way convert those last minute registrants who might still be on the fence. And depending on the editorial style of video you create, the FAQ video can be "evergreen" - sitting in your SilverLine video portal year-round and generating organic search views in the off-season that give your potential registrants an honest look at what they can expect from your event! 


The Marine Corps Marathon "Beat the Arch" series is a perennial favorite and is masterfully created without breaking the budget. 

The Pittsburgh Marathon "Gear Check Info" is a piece of sponsor call-out brilliance, and a perfect example of how a great video can be made quickly and with little cost!    

CSE's "2016 B10 Quick Facts Presented by Z Trip"

Now this is how it's done! In less than three minutes, CSE was able to showcase no less than 10 sponsor call-outs, one charity partner promo, a highlight for one of their OTHER races, and a finisher medal on a penguin! All of that neatly wrapped up in a must-see FAQ and logistics video for the participants in the CareFirst Baltimore 10 Miler! But let's not forget about distribution...a great video has no impact if it's not viewed! Leveraging SilverLine's platform, CSE is able to publish the video - from a single location in SilverLine - to a multi-platform network. That means that with push-button publishing, the video goes to CSE TV (SilverLine's video portal for events), Baltimore 10 Miler website, Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter...and no matter where the video is delivered, viewership analytics all come back to one place! 

Pro-tip: SilverLine also enables a push-button sync with YouTube, but sponsored content such as demonstrated in this example is a big no-no on YouTube. A good rule to live by when activating sponsors in video: If it earns you money, it can't go on YouTube. Keep it on SilverLine, instead. 



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