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Spotlight ON: DelMoSports and Event Registration Videos

DelMoSports Elite Events

Twelve years ago, Steve Del Monte was middle school teacher in Philadelphia who spent his summer's back in his hometown of Wildwood, New Jersey. He was also an avid and passionate triathlete, and when he realized no one else was going to put on a triathlon race in his hometown, he decided to do it himself. The Wildwood Triathlon was born, and twelve years later, DelMoSports Elite Events has grown into one of the largest and most successful event production firms in the mid-atlantic region, hosting classic races such as Escape the Cape and Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. DelMoSports is also pushing the boundaries of mass participation endurance events by hosting the Red Bull Surf & Rescue Lifeguard Competition as well as the Escape to Lewes Open Water Swim Classic.

DelMoSports became a SilverLine event video publishing partner in 2013, and DelMoTV powered by SilverLine has grown to become a sophisticated multi-channel network that the team leverages to deliver engaging video content to a massive audience. When you see a DelMoSports video - on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or a DelMo Event Website - you're watching DelMoTV; a connected network that makes publishing video a breeze and returns rich information on the both the viewer and the context in which the video was viewed that helps DelMoSports understand their customers and fans. And that is a something that this team understands VERY well.        

Hype Video: Registration is Opening

Pro-Tip: People are preparing to race your event years in advance. Maybe they watched a friend do it, or a loved one, and they're on a transformative path to put themselves on your start line. Whatever their motivation, every year you can be assured that there is a sizeable group of people who have been camping out for days and waiting for your registration to open! Think a tweet and a Facebook post is going to fire them up? Think again. These are your biggest fans! Show them some love and how awesome your race is with an exciting video that matches their passion for your race, with your passion with giving them an incredible experience.


Our friend's at the Chevron Houston Marathon roll out the red carpet every year with awesome videos.

Off-Road Cycling pioneers Outdoor Experience Organization literally welcome their biggest fans into the family with this Registration Video!     

DelMoSports Video: "Registration is OPEN!"

No matter how times I watch this video, it makes me want to go for run and sign up for Escape the Cape. What a phenomenal example of how to get someone in your audience excited and ready to convert to being a paying customer! And here's a secret...this video was made in a couple hours by a talented video editor for hire, a bunch of race pictures, and some non-professional video shot on a GoPro and an iPhone. Video doesn't need to cost a lot to have an impact. If you communicate authentically, and if you try to match the passion of your customers with a passion for creating your will work.  

The most common words we hear from event directors at SilverLine is "We don't have much video." And you know what? Four years ago DelMoSports didn't either. Now they're making at least one video a week, and on average more people watch each video than are registered in any of their races! How does that compare to your email click thru rate? Let's not let something as silly as not having any video get in the way growing your business! Got any raw race footage sitting on a hard drive? How about some pictures? You can send that stuff over to SilverLine and leverage our video production services. First one is on the house!

Pro-Tip: Package a "Registration Hype" video into a sponsor package and sell it to a brand who you know will appreciate connecting with your participants as early as possible. Like a shoes or training apparel brand, for example. SilverLine will help you execute on that activation (we even offer a $150 Facebook promotion credit when you connect your Facebook page through our Backlot to help guarantee views) and you'll be able to quantify the results back to your sponsor with SilverLine's audience and engagement report - a detailed media analytics report that can be custom-tailored to reflect the impact your digital media sponsorship has for a specific brand.  



Want to see how SilverLine brings the  to your Event?



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