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Spotlight ON: Big Sur International Marathon and Course Preview Videos

Big Sur International Marathon

“Running on the Ragged Edge of the Western World” is the slogan for one of the most beautiful race courses in the United States. The Big Sur International Marathon takes place each spring and the iconic race course is a big part of the allure for a global audience of runners. With an established race like Big Sur, race directors know that being innovative with how they market their race in the fast paced racing world is important. There are countless marathons across the country to choose from, so why just tell people why they should pick your race? Show them! Big Sur has many videos in their SilverLine library, and we're goign to focus on one...The Course Preview Video.

The Course Preview Video

The Course Preview video is one of the first content topics that comes to mind when organizers first get started working with SilverLine. Showing athletes course highlights allows you to build excitement visually, and familiarize your participants with the experiences they'll encounter on race day. 

There are lots of possibilities to fine tune your Course Preview video content in a way that fits your event. Is there something special about your start and finish line? Maybe your Expo warrants some screen time? Even though the Expo isn't technically "on course" it is certainly a big part of your event! And don't forget to consider a broader viewership audience by including specific info for your spectators. Where is the best place to watch...and why is this the best place to watch? 

All of this info can be combined into an awesome Course Preview video, or maybe you want to cut it up into multiple videos and create a series! The point is...use your Course Preview videos to showcase exciting aspects of the event you create. Lots of people are planning to come to your event and the Course Preview video is a great way to show them what they're going to see.

Pro-Tip: From a sponsor-activation stand point, the Course Preview video is a perfect brand integration point. There are opportunities here for branding, calls-to-action, product placement, you name it. Do you have a hydration sponsor? Show the aid-stations. Shoe sponsor? Put those shoes on your on-screen models! Other unique onsite race-day activations? Show people how to find them. 

And what does SilverLine Athletics do exactly?

We make sure your videos get seen. Without SilverLine, you could put a Course Preview video on YouTube. But then it will likely get buried in YouTube noise and you'll have no idea who watched it and if they're a current or potential customer. So maybe you could also put it on Facebook. Then you'll have one version on YouTube, and another on Facebook. So now you not only don't know who has seen it, but you don't know where they've seen it! Maybe you should share a link on Twitter to the video on YouTube? Or maybe you should just use Vimeo? 

Forget all that mess. Work with SilverLine. What SilverLine does is provide a video management layer over all of your digital publishing channels so you can understand how your video assets are working for your organization. When you upload your video one-time to SilverLine, you then can sync that video to all of your numerous viewer locations with the click of a button. Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Mobile App, Instagram, etc. (Got an OTT app on Roku, AppleTV, Fire? Have a pay-per-view video project? Want to do a Live video stream? We do all that too). 


Big Sur International Marathon Course Preview Series

So here it is. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fresh videos highlighting this awesome event. When you're race course is as epic as the pacific coast, that's what it takes! SilverLine partner Big Sur Marathon Events created 4 total course preview videos for the 2016 event that each uniquely presented the event day experience that their fans would love. The first video was an animated topographical map highlighting key sections of the course. The next was a video dedicated specifically to the Start Area. Then a visual course tour video with narration. And finally a finish line preview. Our friends at BSIM know how to get it done! 


Want to Give it a Try?

We can help!  Do you already have a lot of videos but need to organize it more to make it useful?  A SilverLine Gallery will do just that, all while making you look good.  We can meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be. We currently have incentives for new (and EXISTING) event partners that we would love to talk to you more about!  


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