A content management company that connects brands to active lifestyle consumers.

SilverLine’s digital media platform unlocks new growth potential for endurance events and brands alike – putting video content in front of active lifestyle audiences at the exact moment they need it.
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Video distribution is the difference.

Technology to match the business of event production. Upload once, publish everywhere, measure everything.
They're your videos. Own them with a dedicated video gallery for your event. It's like your own YouTube, without all the YouTube.  
Auto-publish video to Facebook through SilverLine and your video will play back in Facebook's auto-play player. 
Tweet deep-links to watch more video on your Gallery. Share still images or share the whole video.
YouTube is for discovery, not sharing. Sync your videos to YouTube and leave them there to be found.
We make publishing easy. But video production takes time. SilverLine analytics will simplify the data and show you the ROI on your investment. 
Sell your own campaigns and opt-in to SilverLine sourced digital media sponsorship to access new revenue streams for your event. 
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The immense value of event media.

When we say we have great audience engagement, we really mean that we have "I'm gonna tattoo this race logo on my leg" type of engagement. All year long. 
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The SilverLine Network

Over 400 events and 6 million athletes are already using SilverLine.

We're not a vendor.

SilverLine provides free video publishing tools to endurance events. We also sell digital media sponsorship on behalf of our event network partners and share revenue with them. Events can opt-in to media sponsorship at any time and access new revenue for their business. 
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SilverLine Leadership Team


Jayme Anne Goldberg

CEO & co-founder
Jayme is an expert at capitalizing on opportunities within fragmented, niche industries. She is also an accomplished endurance sports enthusiast. With these skills, Jayme has grown SilverLine into one of the largest digital media platforms in the space through a product offering that has modernized the way brands approach event sponsorship.
Holden Comeau - co-founder - SilverLine Athletics

Holden Comeau

President/COO & co-founder
Holden is a former professional triathlete who has transitioned the innate drive that once fueled his athletic success into conceptualizing and executing on SilverLine’s technology strategy. Holden’s inclination to do things better and faster have proven to be successful attributes in building a media company.

Need a little help getting started?

SilverLine's content team will make you a FREE promo video when you become a SilverLine Event Publisher. Maybe it will be your first video. Maybe it will be your hundredth. But it will definitely be one more video than you had yesterday.   
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