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A digital media platform made exclusively for endurance sports.

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What We Do

The largest video publishing platform in the endurance sports industry

Sponsorship has evolved. Active lifestyle brands are demanding a digital component as part of a sponsorship package, and video is the most important aspect to digital sponsorship, by far. In February 2014, 183 million Americans watched 50 billion videos online. Video ad views for that month totaled 24.6 billion. Your sponsors want video and we’ll show you what it’s worth.


The SilverLine Video Platform Connects:

Endurance Sports Event Directors

The days of branded t-shirts and water stations are over. Sponsors are demanding digital activation, and you can't afford to be unprepared. SilverLine makes it easy to set up your own video platform so that you can offer a strong digital component to event sponsors.

Endurance Sports Brands

Endurance sports athletes are well educated, high earning, influential members of their communities. They're also intensely loyal to their preferred brands. Reach this target group at a passion point by advertising on a video platform specifically for endurance sports athletes and fans.

SilverLine is a breakthrough video distribution and advertising service that enables endurance sport events – running, triathlon, cycling and adventure events – to benefit from rapid advancements in technology.

Why We Do It

We Love Endurance Sports Events. We want to see them grow.

We didn’t set out to start a video network. We set out to solve a real problem around event sponsorship. Brands have more choices than ever for where to focus their marketing budgets, and in a digital world it is increasingly attractive to spend those dollars online. SilverLine has made it possible for events to capture online brand spending. And one thing that hasn’t changed – endurance sports is still one of the best demographics in the world.


Who We Work With

These Amazing Endurance Events Are Already Profiting from Video

We work closely with our event management and publishing partners in order to monetize existing sponsor relationships, introduce new brands to the endurance sports industry, and to ensure that brands get what they need out of a sponsorship.

Our goal is to ensure a healthy financial future for our fantastic partners, while removing the costs and complexities of digital video platform management.

Runner's World
Major League Ultimate
Hartford Marathon
Chevron Houston Marathon
LA Tri CLub
Vermont City Marathon
Corrigan Sports Enterprises
Baltimore Running Festival
Women's Tour
Marine Corps Marathon
Behind the Barriers TV
Running USA
Challenge Family Race
Huub Design
Providence Cyclo-Cross Fest
Triathlon Business International
Human Race UK
Pittsburgh Marathon
Pikes Peak Marathon
The Outdoor Experience Organization
Tour of Britain
Tri California


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