What is SilverLine? 

SilverLine is the first proprietary digital video platform for endurance sports. Since our launch just 18 months ago - SilverLine video players have already had a total of 3.7 million video player loads on an event base of 225,000+ athlete participants and 1.5 million spectators.

What do clients accomplish with SilverLine technology?

Event Managers use SilverLine to:                 
• Add a digital video dimension to sponsorship
• Drive event registrations
• Get your fair share of digital video ad revenue
• Effectively distribute compelling content

Manufacturers & Retailers use SilverLine to:
• Enhance marketing efforts around your endurance sports and pro athlete programs
• Drive revenue growth
• Engage your target audience

How does SilverLine work?

SilverLine provides tools that allow you to collect your own video content and video that you have gathered from partners, sponsors, customers, and even participants - and use it to create your own video platform on your website and social media properties. You control the sharing of your content and track all metrics for publishing across the web. If you want to monetize your video, you can do it on your own or we can help you.

What doesn’t SilverLine do?

SilverLine does not redirect users away from your website or claim any ownership of your content (YOUR content is YOUR content!). We do not “junkup” your website with irrelevant ads, artificially manufacture viewer engagement statistics, or allow competitors and distracting content to show up anywhere near your video content.

How complicated is it to start using SilverLine?

It’s not. We do all the technological heavy lifting. You simply decide where you want your video to be published and pick video player design customizations (color, logo, size, channels). You access the SilverLine web-based customer portal to publish and start sharing. Then…pay attention to SilverLine Analytics to measure ROI and to see what works!

How does SilverLine measure viewer engagement?

SilverLine uses a Verified Cost Per Engagement (vCPE) pricing model in order to associate value with the true watch time of a video. SilverLine defines vCPE as a variable price on only Real Human web traffic and the corresponding engagement rate of those views.